About Aeration Industries International Inc., USA.

Aeration Industries International INC, USA. Established in the year 1974 and located in Chaska, USA. They have "First Time" introduced the Modern Aspirator Aeration Technology in the world into the Water Treatment Sector under the trademark of, "AIRE-O2" which is providing complete Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions for many applications

They bring with them more than "Thirty Nine Years" of worldwide experience in Aspirator Aeration Technology and having installations in more than 95 countries around the world, operating almost 65,000 maintenance friendly AIRE-O2 units. In India, more than 1000 Aeration System supplied by us and working successfully in different applications like CETP, Gelatin, Pharmaceuticals, Paper Industry, Textile Industry etc. Apart from this.

Dual Functional Mode Triton Process Aerator / Mixer & Mixer Only

Triton is considered as "PROCESS" Aerator due to its Patented Dual Functionality which dramatically improves the Oxygen Transfer along with its Excellent Mixing ability. This feature also offers the process benefit for Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) with a Single Unit i.e. Control of Nitrification (Aeration & Mixing) and De- nitrification (Only Mixing) in separate On/Off modes.

Key Features :

  • EPA defined 'fine bubble' aeration, 2.2 mm or less
  • Deep mixing capability upto 10 meters which ensures smaller footprint
  • Low speed operation ensures extended aerator life, improves mixing.
  • Power conservation is almost 40-50% when compared to other Aeration
  • Considered as Maintenance friendly product since Tritons are Sub-Surface Aerators which can be mounted on Floats, Bridge OR Wall. It has ease of Operation & periodic maintenance and are easily accessable,
  • Requires No Gear Box and has very Few Wear Parts etc.
  • Certified as Environmental friendly product as it does not release any Pathogens into air, No splashing & Lesser Noise level (60db) etc.
  • Tritons are also compatible for DO Based Automation.

Eventual Mixing Power!

The Aire-O2 Mixer is a slow-speed, variable angle mixer with low power consumption for the mixing requirements of aeration tanks, oxidation ovals, digesters, lagoons, anoxic basins and chemical mix tanks.

Key Features :

  • Large and anti-fouling SS Propeller
  • Designed to withstand in harsh environments
  • Low maintenance and Highly energy-efficient
  • Sub Surface mounted for easy access
surface aerators for wastewater treatment, floating surface aerator

Standard Aspirator Aerator

Key Features :

  • Horizontal mixing and High oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Fine bubble aeration of 2.2 mm and less
  • Dependable, extended service life
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Superior winter performance
  • Environment friendly

Series 275 Aspirator Aerator

The Aire-O2 Series 275 Aspirator Aerator offers a dependable and affordable option for the economy-minded customer.

Features :

  • Re-engineered Designed
  • Increased mixing and oxygen dispersion
  • Fine bubble aeration of 2.2 mm and less
  • Easy installation, less maintenance and environment friendly

Polaris Aerator

To battle the unpredictable and rising stainless steel prices, the Polaris Aerator is made of a highly engineered composite material.

Key Features :

  • Minimal maintenance due to only one moving part.
  • Increased mixing and oxygen dispersion.
  • Adjustable angle for shallow to deep applications.
  • Ease of installation, lightweight and portable
type surface aerators, Heavy duty aerator

Series II / Aqua Aerator

The Series II Aspirator Aerator is a high quality, minimal maintenance aspirator aerator with proven, superior performance all at an economic price.

Key Features :

  • Low Maintenance Due to Only One Moving Part
  • Increased Mixing and Oxygen Dispersion
  • Optimum Oxygen Transfer
  • Fine Bubble Aeration of 2.2 mm and less
  • Destratification of Water = Uniform Temperature and Oxygen
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Water Lubricated Bearing – No Artificial Lubrication Necessary
  • No Gearbox Design
  • Ease of Installation

About M/s. Ekoton Industrial Group, Russia

“EKOTON” Company was founded in 1995 and its activities cover the whole spectrum of tasks associated with designing, production equipment and construction of wastewater treatment system for municipal and industrial enterprises. The concept of the company is improving quality and reliability of wastewater treatment, the creation innovative technologies and development on their basis new solutions for energy saving and automating the processing of wastewater treatment.

The quality management system in company “EKОТОN” has been successfully certified for the compliance with ISO 9000 and IS01400 Standards. The Equipments, manufacture by "EKOTON", is patented and registered in Agency of Technical Regulating and Meteorology of Russian Federation and Committee of Metrology and Certification of Ukraine.

"Available Products"

Equipment for Biological Treatment :

  • Aeration System
  • Radial Sludge Removers for Secondary Clarifier

Ancillary Equipment :

  • Horizontal and Inclined Conveyors
  • Compacting presses for screenings
  • Grinders of Screening
  • Slide Gates

Equipment for Mechanical Treatment :

  • Types of Screens
  • In-Channel Grinders
  • Grit Chambers
  • Radial Sludge Removers for Primary Clarifier

Equipment for Sludge Dewatering :

  • Belt filter - presses and thickeners
  • Screw Dehydrators
high oxygen transfer aerators, tube settler media

About M/s. Brentwood Industries, USA

Brentwood established in 1965 as a small thermoforming facility and has transformed into a vertically integrated corporation and experienced rapid growth both domestically and internationally.

They are a leading provider of thermoformed plastic solutions to a wide variety of consumer, manufacturing, and environmental industries. With diverse production capabilities, engineering expertise, and a focus on innovation, they applies a team approach to solve the challenges facing our customers. This continuous progress has allowed Brentwood to engage developing markets and further establish its global footprint.

tube settler media manufacturer

Biological Treatment Via Attached Growth Process

Submerged Fixed-Film

The Brentwood-engineered AccuFAS Submerged Fixed-Film system uses structured-sheet media, adding a fixed-growth surface for biomass to provide enhanced biological treatment and to increase wastewater treatment capacity. The AccuFAS system was developed to optimize airflow and mixing while maximizing contact between the waste stream and biomass.

tube settler media manufacturer

Trickling Filter

Trickling filters provide cost-effective wastewater treatment by utilizing structured sheet media, which provides an ideal environment for microorganism growth. Based on extensive research and installation data, Brentwood’s media and components have been engineered for performance, efficiency, and structural integrity.


Sludge Collectors

Brentwood’s Polychem non-metallic chain and flight collector systems are comprised of the finest-quality components, durably engineered to handle the most severe sludge-loading situations for various water and wastewater treatment applications.

SedVac™ Sediment Dredge System

Unmatched by any vacuum pipe system on today’s market, SedVac is a sludge removal system that effectively cleans the basin floor by removing the compression zone layer of sludge.

Tube Settler Modules

Tube settler modules consist of a series of sloped, tubular channels and structural wave sheets that reduce particle settling distance and increase the effective settling area in a clarifier or sedimentation basin.

Scum Removers

Engineered for corrosion resistance and high strength, Brentwood’s rotating scum pipes and skimmers efficiently remove all grease, scum, and floating material in rectan gular clarifiers.