Aire-O2® Microfloat DAF (Dispersed Air Flotation System)

Ideal for industrial applications, our Aire-O2 Microfloat Dispersed Air Flotation (DAF) System is an effective, affordable and reliable physical/chemical pre-treatment technology for removing up to 99% of fats, oil, and grease, 70% of total suspended solids, and 50% of Biochemical Oxygen Demand – all at a much lower cost than traditional DAF systems. The Aire-O2 Microfloat DAF simply disperses the air using a high RPM, 2900RPM 50Hz and 3600RPM 60Hz, aspirator directly into the tank. The complete Microfloat DAF system uses only two motors; the Microfloat aerator motor and the scum/rake drive. The Microfloat DAF system does not require an external recycle line.

Product Highlights

  • Reduces surcharges by municipalities for disposal.
  • Reduces maintenance and energy consumption.
  • Requires no balancing of flow rates.
  • Eliminates recycle pumps, compressors and attendant piping associated with traditional DAF equipment.
  • New complete custom designs (with skimmers and tankage) or retrofits into existing tankage.


  • Specially designed non-clog spinning disc diffuser creates fine micro bubbles (10-50 microns in diameter).
  • Small bubbles result in high removal efficiencies.

Ideal for the following Applications

  • Food preparation.
  • Vegetable oil processing.
  • Slaughterhouse operations.
  • Milk and dairy processing.
  • Petrochemical processing.
  • Paper industry.
  • Sludge thickening for municipalities.
  • Tank and truck washing facilities.