Aire-O2® Microfloat Dispersed Air Flotation System

"Float FOG a Better Way"

The Aire-O2 Microfloat unit has a specially designed non-clog spinning propeller disc that creates extremely fine micro bubbles (10-50 microns in diameter). Oil particles and suspended solids in the wastewater readily attach to the bubbles as they rise to the surface. The small bubble size results in very high removal efficiencies. Chemical addition may be required depending on wastewater characteristics. Its an effective, affordable and reliable physical/ chemical pre-treatment technology for removing up to 90% of fats, oil and grease, 60% of total suspended solids and 30% of Biochemical Oxygen Demand Unique Features:-

  • Reduces surcharges by municipalities for disposal
  • Less maintenance and energy consumption
  • Requires no balancing of flow rates
  • Eliminates recycle pumps, compressors and attendant piping associated with traditional DAF equipment
  • Small bubble size ensures high solids capture efficiency.
  • Complete standard circular systems and custom DAF retrofits available.

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Activated sludge process

A biological wastewater treatment process which speeds up waste decomposition. Activated sludge is added to wastewater, and the mixture is aerated and agitated. After a certain amount of time, the activated sludge is allowed to settle out by sedimentation and is disposed of (wasted) or reused (returned to the aeration tank)

Advantages :

  • Resistant to organic and hydraulic shock loads
  • Can be operated at a range of organic and hydraulic loading rates
  • High reduction of BOD and pathogens (up to 99%)
  • High nutrient removal possible
  • Can be modified to meet specific discharge limits
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Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System

"Perfecting Oxidation Ditch Technology"

The Tri-Oval® System named for our Aire-O2 Triton in an oxidation oval provides superior wastewater treatment process control and design flexibility of the activated sludge process. Couple this with the cost savings benefits of lower construction, easy installation, and low maintenance - have a winner in water treatment. The system’s dual-function Aire-O2 Triton® aerators/mixers drive fine bubble aeration and mixing to 33 feet deep and allow for full Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR).

Ideal for Municipal or Industrial Applications

The Tri-Oval® Oxidation Ditch System is a subsurface complete mix, looped reactor system that is ideal for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Typical processes incorporated into the Tri-Oval® System design can include conventional activated sludge, advanced secondary sludge treatment, nitrification/denitrification, biological nutrient removal of nitrogen and phosphorus, and aerobic sludge digestion.

Features :

  • Simple, reliable, quiet operation
  • Unlimited process control
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Design Flexibility
  • Significant construction savings
  • Simple to operate & maintain
  • Energy savings
  • Small footprint

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