Field / Laboratory Instruments

About M/s. HACH, USA

Since 1947, HACH has manufactured and distributed Analytical Instruments, Test Kits, and Reagents for Testing the Quality of Water and Aqueous solutions. HACH is your resource for expert answers, outstanding support, and reliable, easy-to-use products.

DR6000 Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer

Key Features :

  • Your Water Testing Needs, All in One Spectrophotometer
  • Accessories for High Volume and High Accuracy Testing Needs
  • Advanced Quality Assurance at Your Fingertips
  • Procedures and Elimination of False Readings
  • Large Color Touch Screen Interface

DR900 Multi parameter Colorimeter

The DR 900 - a simple and robust water testing unit for the most demanding field environments.

Key Features :

  • Source Lamp-LED
  • Data Storage-500
  • USB Connection
  • IP67 Protection Degree
  • 90 parameters

DRB200 Thermo Reactor

Key Features :

  • To digest the Sample for the analysis of COD, TOC, Metals, TN, TP etc.
  • Programmable Temperature Range: 37-165 Dec C
  • Available in Single & Dual Block Models

HQd Portable and Benchtop Single / Multi Parameters Meter

Key Features :

  • Parameters- pH, ORP, Conductivity/ Resistivity/TDS, LDO, BOD, ISE
  • Display-Display readings from one or two probes Simultaneous readings from two probes (HQ40d only) Backlit Graphical LCD (Benchtop)
  • Calibration History stored in the Probe
  • Data Memory-500 results
  • Data Export-Download via USB connection to PC
  • Keyboard- External PC keyboard via USB connection

Sension+ Portable & Benchtop Series

Key Features of Portable Meter:-

  • Two measuring modes: by stability or in continuous
  • More than 1000 hours of battery life
  • Visualization of measuring time, Simple
  • Large LCD display with icons and backlight

Benchtop Meter

Key Features of Benchtop Meter :-

  • Functional design with all the essential accessories
  • Magnetic stirrer integrated in all models
  • Large graphic display
  • Very easy to use and understand

BOD Trak II Respirometric BOD Apparatus

Key Features

  • Faster than Dilution Method
  • DO probes and titrations are eliminated
  • Drift:< BOD in 5 days
  • Interface:RS232
  • Ranges:0 to 700 mg/L

Portable TSS & Turbidity Meter

TSS Portable Hand-held Turbidity, Suspended Solids, and Sludge Blanket Level Instrument's, unique multi-beam alternating light method with infrared diode system.

Key Features

  • Measuring Range TSS-Content:0.001 to 400 g/L
  • Measuring Range Turbidity:0.001 to 4000 NTU

Auto Sampler

Type of Sampling

Composit Sequential/Multi bottle

Types of Sampler :- SD900 portable and SD900 indoor refrigerated

Key Features :-

  • Ease of Use
  • Large display screen and icon keys
  • See-through pump cover
  • Easy access to desiccant chamber
  • Improved data management with Sample View™
  • Reliability
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Stronger pump draw and spring loaded rollers
  • EPA compliant
  • Improved battery life
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Longer tubing life (20,000 cycles)
  • Retrieve saved program templates for less programming time