About Us

Eurotek Environmental Pvt. Ltd is one of the pioneering company providing Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions with over 14 years of building Experience. We are actively involved in Planning, Execution and Operation of Water & Wastewater plants for both the Government and Industrial sectors. EEPL has developed the various Technologies through their Indigenous R&D efforts and also through foreign technical collaborations to meet the Indian Federal Government regulations related for Discharge of Treated Sewage & Industrial Wastes.

Eurotek has more than 300 satisfying customers in India and Abroad, from various Industries like Chemical, Steel, Pharmaceutical, Paper , Leather, CETP, Refinery, and Municipal Bodies..in Various applications. We have supplied our equipments and technologies and which are working satisfactorily for more than a decade.

Eurotek Environmental Pvt. Ltd becomes the name to reckon with when it comes to Quality and Commitment. Eurotek has also won trust from its customers for superior and consistent quality as well as competitive pricing and timeliness in delivery schedules. A team of well qualified professionals, those having years of expertise, helps us in achieving the client’s satisfaction to the highest standards.

Eurotek Environmental Pvt. ltd is the Authorized Representative for the World’s recognized manufacturers in following segments respectively:

In Wastewater Treatment equipments & Reuse of Wastewater such as :
» Aeration Industries International Inc., USA
» Ekoton Industrial Group, Russia
» Brentwood Industries, USA

In Quality Testing Equipments, such as :
» Chemitec, Italy